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School Council

School Council

The Council is an advisory body comprising of members elected from the School Community and appointed community members. The Council acts in conjunction with the executive member to consult on school practices, evaluate priorities and review the School's financial management.

Within the framework of state policies, system priorities, the NSW curriculum and available resources, the functions of the Council are to consider and advise the Executive Member on:

* the goals of the school and the school’s implementation of DET policy

* development and endorsement of procedures within the school’s wellbeing framework

* use of school facilities by persons or entities other than the school community

* the needs of the school (including areas such as buildings, grounds, facilities, school transport, starting/finishing times and any matter which could affect neighbouring schools)

* on school plans and associated budgets

* any matter raised by any member of the school community pursuant to clause 9.4.2 of this constitution 

* any issue which the executive member seeks advice on from the Council

* endorse the P&C nominated representative on merit selection panels

* liaising with other school and state parent and community bodies to provide advice to executive member as needed

* promote a positive image of the school in the local community to increase community involvement

Meetings are held weeks 3 & 8 each term in the staffroom starting at 7.00pm. Please contact the School Council via email 

School Council Constitution