Newcastle East Public School

Australia's oldest school - since 1816

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Capital Works Project

The Department of Education (DoE) is in the process of redeveloping Newcastle East Public School to improve facilities and cater to the current and projected growth in the Newcastle LGA, as well as the broader Hunter region.

The project involved:

  • removal of demountable teaching spaces to provide more continuous open outdoor play space
  • provision of new future focused teaching spaces
  • provision of a communal gathering space; and
  • upgrade of some existing core facilities

The whole project is due for completion in 2021. E Block has been completed along with the office and staffroom upgrades. Further work will continue in the play space in 2020.

Play Space Upgrade 

Work will contiue to upgrade the Newcastle East PS playspace during 2020. A project is underway to upgrade the playground at Newcastle East Public School. The playground improvements include:

■ new cricket nets and a nature play area

■ new seating and garden spaces

■ concrete retaining wall along Kitchener Parade with hedge planting

■ new astro turf

■ improvements to the drainage of the playground.


Play Space Design

Top view of new playspace at NEPS

Top view of new playspace at NEPS

Information on E Block

Further information on when information booths will be available or to see how the project is progressing visit the Department's Education School Infrastructure website.

For parent feedback or additional questions, please visit our survey site.

View 3D artists renditions of the new structure in the photo gallery.